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Understanding All Kinds of Minds

Dr. Temple Grandin, a world-renowned autism spokesperson, scientist, and inventor, has served as an inspiration and role model to hundreds of thousands of families and persons with autism. In this unique presentation, Temple eloquently and candidly describes the challenges she has faced and offers glimpses into her own childhood, with ideas on how others dealing with autism can meet these obstacles and improve the quality of their lives. Backed by her personal experience and evidence-based research, Temple shares her valuable insights on all types of thinkers, why they are important, and ways in which young people can continue to think about and understand what it means to be innovative.

By attending, participants can:

  • Create a learning environment to accommodate those who think differently
  • Distinguish between voluntary behaviors and involuntary behaviors
  • Identify ways of intervention for those newly diagnosed
  • Review methods to assist the older child and Adult to form social relationships

Financial and Non-Financial Disclosures

The Most Famous Person with Autism

American Academy of Arts and Sciences

American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2016

National Women's Hall of Fame

National Women's Hall of Fame

Temple Grandin named to the National Women’s Hall of Fame in 2017

Professor of Animal Science, CSU

Professor of Animal Science, CSU

Global leadership, Animal Welfare Livestock Systems Design

Subject of HBO Emmy Award Winning Film

Subject of HBO Emmy Award Winning Film

“Autism was her challenge, life was her triumph”, A profound and and joyous breakthrough

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An Evening with Temple Grandin in Milwaukee, Wisconsin April 8, 2020 View Live Webinar on April 30th!

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