Unwritten Rules of Social Relationships with Temple Grandin and Sean Barron
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Dr. Temple Grandin

Sean Barron

Unwritten Rules of Social Relationships

Temple Grandin and Sean Barron

Both born with autism, Temple Grandin and Sean Barron now live famously successful social lives. However, this wasn’t always the case.

Temple’s logical mind controlled her social behavior. Logic informed her of the decision to obey social rules and avoid unpleasant consequences.

Sean’s emotions controlled his social behavior. Baffled by social rules, isolated and friendless, he made up his own social rules and applied them to others. When others inevitably broke his rules, he felt worthless and unloved.

Both Temple and Sean ultimately came to terms with the social world and found their places in it.

Whether you are a person with autism, a caregiver in the autism community, or just someone who’s interested in an outsider’s view of society, their powerful stories will enthrall and enlighten you!

This discussion will include:

  1. How to gain social awareness and social understanding.
  2. The importance of finding and then developing a talent.
  3. How to exhibit appropriate behaviors – even when we have no idea of what constitutes “appropriate.”
  4. Social learning never stops.

Siobhan Marsh

Siobhan Marsh is a disability advocate and Kay Snow Award-winning writer living in Salem, Oregon. Growing up with chronic illness that made on-campus education difficult, Siobhan completely restructured her homeschooling schedule and developed many strategies which she includes in Homeschooling, Autism Style: Reset for Success. These strategies allowed her to fit in doctor’s appointments, creative pursuits, and volunteer work while maintaining her GPA and graduating second in her class. She is also uniquely suited to discuss neurodiverse family life as the daughter and sister of autists.


August 14, 2024

10am CST Sean Barron speaks with Q&A
11:00am CST Dr. Temple Grandin speaks with Q&A
12:00pm CST Individual Q&A


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Webinar with Dr. Temple Grandin and Sean Barron – August 14, 2024




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