Jumpin’ Jellybeans CD: 19 Great Songs for Kids



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Jumpin’ Jellybeans CD: 19 Great Songs for Kids

Author(s): Genevieve Jereb

Creator of the much-loved albums No Worries, Say G’Day, and Cool Bananas, Gen Jereb uses the principles of sensory processing theory to provide parents, professionals, caregivers, and educators with engaging, ready-to-use, rhythmic songs and activities to support self-regulation for the “out-of-sync” child.

This 20-song collection keeps kids involved in directed activities to enhance attention and alertness, provide rhythmic entrainment, improve body awareness, and strengthen patterns of respiration.

Kids will have loads of fun with these songs! They are entertaining, engaging, and unique. You and the children you care for will want to “Party ’til the Cows Come Home” (Track 2).

Plus, the full-color booklet provides song lyrics and countless activities to go along with the music!

Includes CD + 20-page booklet


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