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Manuscript Submission Guidelines

Thank you very much for considering Future Horizons as your publisher.

Future Horizons relies on manuscripts from authors like you in order to offer high-quality books and
products that serve the autism community. We provide parents, professionals, and individuals on the
spectrum with creative, practical information that helps focus on the ability rather than the disability
in autism and related disorders. Our goal is to publish materials that will improve the lives of those
affected by autism, both immediately and in the future.

In addition, we have an imprint called Sensory World, through which we publish resources that
address Sensory Processing Disorder and other sensory issues. These titles will apply to much of the
autism community but will be relevant to individuals outside the autism community, as well.
With these goals in mind, we respectfully request that authors do not submit proposals unless they
are related to the subject of autism and/or sensory issues.

Although many manuscripts we receive are either parent memoirs or children’s books, regretfully,
we publish very few books in these categories. The market is saturated with similar books, and
though each story is inherently valuable with its own unique elements, we simply cannot find a
market for them all. The same goes for fiction, poetry, and similar works. We do not want to
discourage you from submitting your work; we just want to be up front about our editorial needs.

We encourage authors to explore our websites (FHautism.com and SensoryWorld.com) before
submitting a proposal, to get a clear idea of the kinds of books we publish, and to make sure that your
work won’t compete with any of our existing titles. The more you know about our products and the
other resources available, the better prepared you are to offer work that is fresh and innovative.

Take into consideration the marketing possibilities for your product, as well. Sometimes it’s hard to
think of your creative work that way, but it is important to remember that every time we accept a new
manuscript, we are investing in that work. A great deal of time and energy goes into each of our
publications, so we strive to produce books that introduce new and noteworthy information, ideas,
and perspectives, as well as being clearly marketable.

In order to properly evaluate a proposal, we need to receive certain essential information. Please
include a cover letter, author resume, book synopsis, chapter outline, and at least three consecutive

We encourage authors to provide relevant artwork, tables, charts, or graphs that will enhance the
quality of your submission. For instance, children’s books are not considered without artwork.

Please refer to the following guidelines for more information.

Be sure to include the following:

• Your name
• Your email address and current mailing address
• The titles, publishers, and publication dates of any previous books, journal articles, or
presentations you have authored or co-authored
• A suggested book title
• The estimated length of the book
• Proposed artwork, tables, charts and/or figures
• A description of any special features of the book. For example, each chapter contains
suggested readings or a “Coping Strategies” section.
• Your assessment of the book’s main selling points
• A description of the book’s unique qualities. How does it differ from other books in its
category? Why is there a need for a book of its nature?
• A guesstimate as to which demographics your book targets (Who would purchase your book?
Parents, special education teachers, mainstream educators, therapists, persons on the
spectrum, etc.?)

Be sure to include the following:

• Educational credentials, including degrees earned, awards, research projects, and other
information that would lend to your credibility and expertise on your topic.
• Positions held within the autism community and a short description of your duties (outreach
centers, schools, medical practices, volunteer organizations)
• Speaking experience (if any), including a list of specific engagements
• General career timeline
• Interests and activities

Please include a typed summary of your book in less than 750 words.

This is a summary of each chapter. Please limit summaries to 500 words per chapter.


Send three chapters that express your originality, subject matter, and writing quality. You may send
us a complete manuscript, but we ask that you recommend three chapters.


For short children’s books, please send the whole book. Since children’s books are especially
dependent on graphics, we request that the author provide illustrations or plans for the illustrations.

All materials should be sent to:
Karen South via email at karen@fhautism.com.

If you do not have access to email, please mail to the address below:

Future Horizons
C/O Karen South
107 W Randol Mill Rd, Ste 100
Arlington, TX 76011

We know that you have spent months and possibly years crafting your work, and we will review it
thoroughly. Each submission receives the individual attention it inherently deserves.

Because of this, please be aware that we receive many proposals each week and it is not unusual for a
review to take 3–6 months. We appreciate your patience during the process. We will notify you once
a decision is made, so there is no need to follow up.

Thanks again for taking the time to learn more about Future Horizons and the process that has made
us the world leader in autism books and conferences. We look forward to hearing from you.

All the best,
Karen South
Managing Editor Future Horizons, Inc.

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