Developing Talents, 3rd Edition: Careers for Individuals with Autism
Independent Living while Autistic: Your Roadmap to Success
The Hidden Curriculum, 25th Anniversary Edition: Understanding Unstated Rules in Social Situations
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Naturopathic Wisdom: A Common Sense Mind-Body Approach for Struggling Children and Teens
The Comprehensive Autism Planning System (CAPS): Implementing Evidence-Based Practices Throughout the Day
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What Really Works for Children with Autism
Coming August 20, 2024! Now available for pre-order.
Autism and Adolescence: The Way I See It: What Teens and Adults Need to Know
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Welcome to Future Horizons, the World Leader in Autism & Sensory Resources and Conferences

Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders have unique talents and challenges, as we all do. We like to focus on the positive and the progress that these special people can make. Our resources present strategies for addressing Communication, Social Skills, Behavior, Sensory Issues, and more.

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“The Grandin Papers” LIVE and In-Person with Dr. Temple Grandin – Pittsboro, NC

May 30, 2024

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“The Grandin Papers” LIVE and In-Person with Dr. Temple Grandin – Columbia, MO

June 25, 2024

Don’t miss this live conference with Dr. Temple Grandin!


Holidays and Difficult Moments with Brenda Smith Myles

December 6th, 2023

Don’t miss this interactive webinar with Brenda Smith Myles!


Socializing Seasonally with Jennifer Schmidt

December 13, 2023

Don’t miss this interactive webinar with Jennifer Schmidt!


Holiday Webinar Bundle – Brenda Smith Myles and Jennifer Schmidt!

December 6th and 13th Events

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Our books and resources provide helpful strategies for reaching the individual with low functioning Autism.
Life skills training is essential for students in high school and beyond; our curricula and books help provide effective teaching strategies from industry experts in education and Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Teachers have told us that inclusive classrooms require additional support and insights for children diagnosed with ASD, and that our books provide insights that help build a foundation of successful experiences for everyone.
Behavior is communication – are you getting the message? Learn how to translate and positively affect behavior with these valuable resources!
Our experts will guide you through curricula that meet and exceed state and federal standards.
Our books support child-centered therapeutic environments, fostering learning strategies and life skills for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Everyone in the family can enjoy quality time with a children's book designed to entertain and educate the individual with ASD.
Our books celebrate the many inspirational moments that can be found within our lives and the community... we hope you will join us on the road to inspiration.
Our books help you research and learn about best practices and evidence-based strategies that help families expand their knowledge base about Autism Spectrum Disorder.
Educators, therapists and practitioners use our cds in classrooms and student sessions.
Inspiring Stories of Achievement and Successful Employment by Dr. Temple Grandin

Shop for Books

In our online book store you will find offerings from the best minds in the field, providing a wide variety of approaches to the challenges of Autism, Asperger’s and Sensory Processing Disorder.




Award Winning Books & Music –  For over two decades Future Horizons has produced award winning book titles on Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome, and Sensory Processing Disorder.

We celebrate our authors and their awards!



Dr. Temple Grandin has served as an inspiration and role model to hundreds of thousands of families and persons with autism. In this unique presentation, Temple eloquently and candidly describes the challenges she has faced and offers no-nonsense ideas on how others dealing with autism can meet these obstacles and improve the quality of their lives.

Backed by her personal experience and evidence-based research, Temple shares her valuable insights on a wide variety of topics, and offers useful dos and donts in her books and conference speaking engagements.


Low Functioning Autism

Autism Spectrum Disorder can present in a child through a vast array of symptoms ranging from behavioral issues to communication delays and can include PDD NOS (Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified).

Autism, Level 3, requires a hands-on approach for family members, caretakers and educators. Future Horizons’ support system of books can assist newcomers as well as veteran caretakers in learning about new strategies and tools that will help the individual with ASD in the areas of sensory, communication and life skills.


Children's Books designed for Autism, Asperger's and Sensory diagnosis

We are delighted to share our growing library of Award Winning Children’s Books with the community. Our children’s books are designed for children on the autism spectrum as well as the family, friends and caretakers that support the child.  Future Horizons’ books are used at home, in the classroom and therapeutic child-centered environments like Occupational Therapy and Music Therapy.

” I was in a summer program when I was just a real little child about three. I can remember playing around in a wading pool. When I was 3 1/2 years old, I can also remember quite a few things. I can remember the frustration of not being able to talk. I knew what I wanted to say, but I could not get the words out, so I would just scream. I can remember this very clearly.”
– Dr. Temple Grandin


Education, Autism & Asperger's Curriculum Books

Our books and resources for educators specifically target the challenges that teachers of students with autism and other special needs face every day. From early childhood education to middle and high school to the transition to higher education, our authors are here to help.  Many of our books focus on curriculum designed for Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asperger’s Syndrome, Sensory Processing Disorder, Inclusive Classrooms, building life-skills and IEP support.

  1. Pre-school to 8th Grade
  2. High-School and Beyond 
  3. Inclusive Classroom

Volume Discounts Available for:

  • School Districts
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Distributors
  • Practitioners
  • Homeschooling Co-op


Books for teenagers diagnosed with Autism, Asperger's or SPD

Teenagers on the Autism Spectrum experience a wide range of changes due to the natural forces already in motion at this vulnerable stage in a child’s development. Teenagers face the daunting task of growing up, developing life skills, managing frustration and anxiety all while getting acclimated to a brave new world.

Future Horizons offers books that help support teachers, parents, family members and caretakers improve their understanding of ASD and be able to build a foundation of positive growth, both intellectually and emotionally.

In addition to our support materials for the family and extended network of the individual on the autism spectrum, we provide books for the individual who is diagnosed with ASD that cover new jobs, interest in the opposite sex, bullying, school and communication strategies.

“It is never too late to expand the mind of a person on the autism spectrum.”
-Dr. Temple Grandin


Books about social skills for individuals diagnosed with Autism, Asperger's or SPD

Developing social skills is a critical area of development for individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Future Horizons has assembled some of the brightest educators to provide award winning materials for social skill development that supports children, teens and young adults.

  • Curriculum for School and Home
  • Social Skills Training
  • Sensory Strategies to Improve Communication
  • Guidebooks for Parents and Educators
  • Reducing Social Vulnerabilities for Individuals with ASD
  • Hands-on Learning Tools for All Ages


Behavior books designed for Autism, Asperger's and Sensory Processing disorder diagnosis.

Future Horizons publishes books on behavior which cover a wide variety of topics that are essential building blocks on the journey of  developmental progress for individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Our award wining books provide the latest, evidence-based strategies in the areas of behavior that educators, therapists, caretakers and family members can turn to for helpful resources.

  • Occupational Therapy
  • Life Skills
  • Helpful Reference Manuals for Parents and Educators
  • Children’s Books
  • Bullying Prevention Programs
  • Managing Temper and Anxiety
  • Home and Classroom Friendly Tools


Inspiring stories about parents and individuals coping with diagnosis of Autism, Asperger's or Sensory Processing Disorder.

Inspiring stories about individuals on the autism spectrum are a great resource in life for family members, teachers and caregivers. Knowing you are not alone… is priceless.

Future Horizons provides a variety of titles that feature helpful advice and stories of triumph both from the perspective of the individual with Autism, Asperger’s or Sensory Processing disorder as well as from the people who love them like parents, siblings and other family members.

Teachers, caregivers, therapists and mentors will also benefit from the exploration of inspirational stories, in the context of the journey an individual must make in life when diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

  • Fascinating insights from Dr. Temple Grandin, the most famous person with autism
  • Sean Barron who is a journalist, student, author and diagnosed with autism
  • Other individual and collected stories from authors who have been diagnosed with Asperger’s, Sensory Processing Disorder or Autism
  • Loving stories, both personal and collected from parents about their lives caring for their child with Autism Spectrum Disorder


Parent and family books for new insights about Autism, Asperger's and Sensory Processing disorder diagnosis.

Parents and Family Members – Our resources present strategies for addressing Communication, Social Skills, Behavior, Sensory Issues, and more for parents and family members who have a child, teenager or adult diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified (PDDNOS), Sensory Processing Disorder or other special needs.

In fact, our founder launched Future Horizons for family members because his son was diagnosed with autism and there was not a publisher focused in the subject matter.

Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders have unique talents and challenges, as we all do. We like to focus on the positive and the progress that these special people can make.

Not sure where to begin? Take a look at our New to Autism Resource Guide.

Our Parents & Family book category contains hand-picked books that will help all members of a family involved in caring for an individual with ASD.


Books about Sensory Processing disorder.

Issues related to Sensory Processing Disorder can have a challenging impact on children and adults on the autism spectrum.

Often, these obstacles must be overcome before other needs can be addressed. These sensory resources will help parents, teachers, and professionals in that process.  Our award-winning books, cds, and dvds are used at school, at home and in therapeutic child-centered environments and are evidence-based strategies used in academic practice around the world.

Not sure where to begin?  Take a look at our Sensory Package.



Future Horizons is proud to offer individual books and other resources related to autism at competitive prices. However, we also give discounts on special interest libraries and packages!

For Educators, School Libraries and Practitioners:
Future Horizons has selected the most important titles related to critical development needs of educators, students and parents. The Future Horizons discount packages and libraries offer the most affordable way to build a resource for your personal professional development growth as well as community-based literature assets.

For Parents, Friends and Family Members:
Explore the Autism Libraries by Future Horizons with great authors like Dr. Temple Grandin, who is the most famous person with autism. The Autism Libraries offer the lowest cost per book title on the internet today, providing you with the purchasing power of wholesalers.



Future Horizons has a comprehensive selection of adopted books and products from other publishers and manufacturers, that partner well with our packages and books.

Each product has been carefully examined by our experts and we hope you will enjoy our Adopted Books and Products library!

Enjoy our articles on Autism Spectrum Disorders, authors and more!

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