We hope you find moments of joy and inspiration in our books... which document journeys of hope, courage and triumph.
Our books celebrate the many inspirational moments that can be found within our lives and the community... we hope you will join us on the road to inspiration.
Inspiring Stories of Achievement and Successful Employment by Dr. Temple Grandin


Inspiring stories about individuals on the autism spectrum are a great resource in life for family members, teachers and caregivers. Knowing you are not alone… is priceless.

Future Horizons provides a variety of titles that feature helpful advice and stories of triumph both from the perspective of the individual with Autism, Asperger’s or Sensory Processing disorder as well as from the people who love them like parents, siblings and other family members.

Teachers, caregivers, therapists and mentors will also benefit from the exploration of inspirational stories, in the context of the journey an individual must make in life when diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

  • Fascinating insights from Dr. Temple Grandin, the most famous person with autism
  • Sean Barron who is a journalist, student, author and diagnosed with autism
  • Other individual and collected stories from authors who have been diagnosed with Asperger’s, Sensory Processing Disorder or Autism
  • Loving stories, both personal and collected from parents about their lives caring for their child with Autism Spectrum Disorder
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