New to Autism Resource Guide – Top Ten Resources To Use Now

New to Autism Resource Guide – Top Ten Resources To Use Now

Have you recently received an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnosis?

Or, maybe instead, it’s your child, your sibling, your student, or your friend that has? Whatever the case, we understand firsthand how overwhelming this transition period can be, and we want to make it easier.

Below, you’ll find a handful of our resources that specifically aim to help those who are new to autism, from books to DVDs to library bundles.

Your journey with autism, whether it’s your own or that of someone close to you, is going to be more rewarding than you can probably imagine. We hope that this autism resource guide can lessen any stress or anxiety that you’re currently experiencing, and give you the answers that you need in order to move forward and learn more. If you have questions about our autism resources, don’t hesitate to contact us!



This package of nine resources is your Autism 101 – and maybe 102 and 103!

Featuring award winning books by Temple Grandin, Ellen Notbohm, Jim Ball, and many more.

Scroll through the book images or click the link below to learn more.

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New to Autism? A Package for You, 9 Very Special Books to Get Started.

Early Intervention and Autism: Real-life Questions, Real-life Answers
Treasure Chest of Behavioral Strategies for Individuals with Autism
Inclusive Programming for Elementary Students with Autism
A Lifetime of Laughing and Loving with Autism
Creating a
Toilet Training for Individuals with Autism or other Developmental Issues| 2nd Edition
Temple Grandin - 2014 New Presentation DVD
Writing Social Stories with Carol Gray - Booklet: Accompanying Workbook to DVD
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