10 Awesome Sensory Bins to Create this Summer

10 Awesome Sensory Bins to Create this Summer

10 Awesome Sensory Bins to Create this Summer

10 Awesome Sensory Bins to Create this Summer

It’s widely-known that sensory play is an important aspect of child development. “As children explore sensory materials, they develop their sense of touch, which lays the foundation for learning other skills, such as identifying objects by touch, and using fine-motor muscles,” HighScope.

But how can we bring sensory play out of the special needs classroom environment and into our homes?

Easy, by creating fun and engaging sensory bins at home! Sensory bins are a a great way to encourage sensory exploration for your child, and they’re not too difficult to create. In fact, you probably already have everything you need right at home! And to give you some inspiration, we’ve put together a collection of 10 fun ideas we encourage you to try before summer ends!

10 Awesome Sensory Bins to Create this Summer:

1 | Strawberry Ice Cream Dough Sensory Bin | Frogs Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Does your child love ice cream? Who doesn’t, right? Here is a great sensory bin idea where kiddos can scoop and create their own ice cream cones! This is a great activity to pair with snacking on strawberries later in the day, or maybe even going out for some ice cream afterwards!

2 | Ocean Sensory Bin Tutorial | Kendall Rayburn Blog

This Ocean Sensory Bin was a HUGE hit in our house. Both of my boys love anything ocean so I wanted to create a simple and fun sensory box that captured their interests. This bin is very simple and uses only water beads, dry macaroni, and ocean-themed figurines!

3 | Treasure Chest Sensory Bin | I Can Teach My Child

This Treasure Chest Sensory bin is just too cute! The “treasure chest” is actually just a baby wipes container, and the “gold pieces” are just baby food lids! How clever! Kids can take the gold and put it in and out of the treasure chest, bury it in the sand, and more!

4 | Shaving Cream Foam Sand Bin | One Little Project

Do your kids love the beach? Why not bring it indoors with this fun shaving cream foam sand bin! This foam sand is made simply by combining play sand and shaving cream! Kids can mix the two together and squish it between their fingers, and after it’s mixed they can build sand castles! No ocean required!

5 | Wash the Dog Sensory Bin | Pre-K Pages

This activity is so simple, but so much fun! Kids can simply create a “dirty” bin with mud and water, and a “clean” bin with soap and water. Have your kids put their figurines in the dirty bin, and then load up the clean bin with scrubbing tools, sponges, etc. so they can get their animals clean!

6 | Soapy Sea Sensory Bin | Updated with YouTube Video

Get out your water, dish soap, cornstarch, and food coloring to create your own soapy sensory bin! This is another easy, fun, and clean activity for your kids to enjoy! When you’ve created your foam, add in sea shells and even ocean-themed figurines for your child to hide and discover.

7 | Icy Ocean Sensory Play | Little Bins for Little Hands

Let your kids melt away the ice in this fun activity to discover the ocean creatures inside! This idea looks like so much fun and is simple as freezing ocean figures in a mixture of water and food coloring. Kids will love pouring water over the ice to see it slowly melt!

8 | Insect Sensory Bin | Cutting Tiny Bites

Does your child like insects? This is a great activity for exploration and learning! Give your kids plastic chopsticks to grab the insects and add pebbles and flat marbles for texture. I love how this blogger put down a sheet before starting, so clean-up afterwards is a total breeze!

9 | Garden Sensory Bin | Mess for Less

This Garden Sensory Bin is such a brilliant idea. Kids planting flowers in real dirt with plastic shovels, rocks, and pots? Very cool! I love the flexibility of this bin idea, it allows little ones to move around the plants, touch all of the different textures, and see the big bright blooms against the contrast of the dark soil.

10 | My Garden Bird Sensory Bin | Frogs Snails and Puppy Dog Tails

Do you have bird seed at your house? Have you ever considered using it as part of a sensory bin? This Garden Sensory Bin is such a fun idea! Just add toy insects, flowers, and pebbles to your bin and you’re all set for a fun time in the “garden”!

Read More at https://www.friendshipcircle.org/blog/2016/08/15/10-awesome-sensory-bins-to-create-this-summer/ 

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