Is Your Teen Ready for Life After High School? How Parents Can Help Them Choose the Right Path with Kate Duffy
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Kate Duffy

Is Your Teen Ready for Life After High School?

How Parents Can Help Them Choose the Right Path

Where do we go from here? Now what? How can I help my student understand there is life after high school? How can I motivate them to even finish high school? Fear of the unknown is common to everyone, but how do we prepare our children and assure them that it doesn’t have to be frightening? Offering reassurance becomes easier when we understand it ourselves.

Kate, the coauthor of the acclaimed book “Developing Talents” with Dr. Temple Grandin, brings firsthand experience as the mother of two sons on the autism spectrum. Ms. Duffy has personal knowledge of educational avenues for those on the spectrum. She has worked as a transition navigator for college students with disabilities, focusing on competitive integrated employment. She has served as the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) coordinator for a National Science Foundation project to increase the participation and success of students with disabilities in STEM education. Furthermore, she has mentored new educators and conducted workshops on various inclusive classroom strategies.

From this webinar, the viewer will discover:

  1. Ways to encourage students to complete high school and select an initial career path.
  2. College is not for everyone.
  3. Volunteer programs can help develop job skills and open up career opportunities.
  4. Agencies that offer assistance in furthering students’ goals.

Siobhan Marsh

Siobhan Marsh is a disability advocate and Kay Snow Award-winning writer living in Salem, Oregon. Growing up with chronic illness that made on-campus education difficult, Siobhan completely restructured her homeschooling schedule and developed many strategies which she includes in Homeschooling, Autism Style: Reset for Success. These strategies allowed her to fit in doctor’s appointments, creative pursuits, and volunteer work while maintaining her GPA and graduating second in her class. She is also uniquely suited to discuss neurodiverse family life as the daughter and sister of autists.


May 15, 2024

10am CST Kate Duffy speaks with Q&A
11:15pm CST Individual Q&A


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Webinar with Kate Duffy – May 15, 2024




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