Independent Living while Autistic: Your Roadmap to Success


Whether you’re a young autistic adult leaving the shelter of school, or you’re late-diagnosed, finally realizing that you’re not broken, you’re just autistic, this book is for you.

This neurodiversity-affirmative book holds the key to navigating the road trip of your life. Learn practical strategies that have helped others. Follow five fictional characters as they meet and overcome roadblocks on their path to independence. Read success stories shared by actually autistic people in their own words. If you’ve ever wished that adult life came with an instruction manual, this is it.

The first edition won the Chanticleer International Book Award Grand Prize for Instruction & Insight; this new edition features updated information and interesting new characters.

This is the newest book in the Adulting while Autistic series.

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Independent Living While Autistic: Your Roadmap to Success

Written by Wendela Whitcomb Marsh


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