A Year of Mini-Moves for the In-Sync Child


Get your kids moving and giggling with the delightful suggestions in A Year of Mini-Moves for the In-Sync Child.

Pediatricians, teachers and other early childhood specialists now recognize that early motor development is one of the most important factors in the physical, emotional, academic and overall success of children. A Year of Mini-Moves for the In-Sync Child includes 52 weekly schedules to easily incorporate quick movement activities into your child’s day.

Created by bestselling authors and Sensory Processing Disorders (SPD) experts, Carol Kranowitz and Joye Newman, each of the mini-moves in this book addresses one or more sensory, perceptual and visual motor skills that are the foundation for the future physical, cognitive, and emotional development for children.

Use these whimsical mini-moves at the beginning of your day or therapy session, at transition times or as inspiration for a more elaborate movement experience. Adapt each move to suit the abilities of your child or children. The whimsical pages can be used to brighten your walls at home, at school or clinic.

The objective of A Year of Mini-Moves for the In-Sync Child is to help reinforce the brain-body connection, while giving each child a moving experience that will last a lifetime!

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