Autism Is the Future


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Our kids on the autism spectrum are unique. They process information and think differently, and they have different strengths and weaknesses—so why is society pushing them into neurotypical “normalcy?”

Through her years of work with those on the autism spectrum,
Dr. Marlo Payne Thurman has witnessed the quirks, challenges, and downright genius of autism. She shows that current educational and societal structures may be failing the growing number of people on the spectrum, robbing both these individuals and society of autism’s unique gifts.
Based on her doctoral dissertation, Thurman presents her theory of sensory-cognitive difference and proposes that these developments have evolved together into a very different form of intelligence in those with ASD.
This in-depth, scientific look into the gift of autism calls for the world to embrace and nurture traits of those on the spectrum, as they may play a key role in our future.

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Autism Is the Future

Author: Marlo Thurman

Marlo Thurman reveals how cognitive differences are the constructing pieces in understanding those with autism. Through her findings, she shows how those with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) constantly challenge assumptions about intelligence and measuring intelligence.

Thurman proposes that sensory and cognitive development have evolved together into a very different form of intelligence in those with ASD, and it should be viewed not as a disability but instead as a difference to be celebrated and followed.

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