The Do or Do Not Outlook: 77 Steps to Living an Extraordinary Life


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This book presents a life-changing mindset that is an indispensable aid
to personal growth. It’s a Jedi’s guide to self-empowerment! Nick Maley, renowned as “That Yoda Guy” for his involvement in the Star Wars original trilogy, turns traditional wisdom on its head as he examines the fears and obstacles that discourage us from reaching for the stars. Each page shares a pointer that mentors readers day-by-day toward living their dreams.

The inspirational tips include:

• You can’t live an exceptional life by being “normal”
• If you settle for less, you get less
• Talent helps, but persistence succeeds
• You haven’t failed until you’ve given up

The final third of the book outlines how Maley’s “Do or Do Not” outlook helped overcome problems that blocked his rise to success and includes hidden gems from the 60+ films he worked on before trading his Ferrari for a sailboat and continuing life’s adventures in the Caribbean.
A compelling filmography gives behind-the-scenes looks into movies such as The Shining, The Empire Strikes Back, Superman, and Highlander as he shares how he climbed the ladder of success to become a renowned artist, FX movie maker, entrepreneur, and motivational speaker while experiencing life on his own terms—all because he dared to be that little guy who thought BIG.

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The Do or Do Not Outlook: 77 Steps to Living an Extraordinary Life

Author: Nick Maley


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ISBN-13: 9781949177077
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