Autism as Context Blindness


Dr. Vermeulen has produced a brilliant work that demands attention. Autism as Context Blindness provides a unique glance into the minds of individuals with autism. A Mom’s Choice Award winner, Autism as Context Blindness provides a unique glance into the minds of individuals with autism. It is simple but groundbreaking. Application of Vermeulen’s insights will help autistic people to better understand what causes their challenges. While we have become increasingly familiar with the term autistic thinking, how the autistic brain works is still misunderstood.

In this book, inspired by the ideas of Uta Frith, the internationally known psychologist and a pioneer in theory of mind as it relates to autism, Vermeulen explains in everyday terms how the autistic brain functions and highlights the impact of not using context spontaneously. Full of often humorous examples, the book examines context as it relates to perception, social interaction, communication and knowledge. The book concludes with a section on how to address contextual sensitivity—a skill vital for successful functioning. Due to the far-reaching consequences of context blindness, this book is a must-read for those living and working with somebody with autism. Dr. Vermeulen’s insights regarding context blindness delivers a fresh perspective on how individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) perceive and respond to their environment.

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Autism as Context Blindness

by author Peter Vermeulen PhD , foreword by Brenda Smith Myles PhD


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