Bobby and Mandee’s Be a Safe Pedestrian


Coming August 15th! 

Children are at an increased risk for pedestrian injury and death. This is because the traffic rules and risks often are beyond their thinking, developmental, behavioral, physical, and sensory abilities. In addition, parents and caregivers often overestimate their child’s traffic skills. Bobby and Mandee’s be a Safe Pedestrian is an excellent resource to help kids easily learn the basics of pedestrian safety.

Topics include the definition of a pedestrian, types of intersections, making eye contact with drivers at busy intersection, and much more. In the words of the author: “I’ve written a book to help pedestrians stay safe and not have so many tragedies.”

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Bobby and Mandee’s Be a Safe Pedestrian: Children’s Safety Book

by author Robert Kahn

Illustrated by Lynda Farrington Wilson


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