How to Be a Brain Executive: And Get Sensory Smart!


Coming November 21, 2023!

How to Be a Brain Executive: Sensory Modulation is an innovative workbook for children, ages nine through twelve, designed to support the understanding and management of sensory patterns. This book empowers young readers and their families, through the use of engaging concepts and child-friendly language, to apply the neuroscience of sensory modulation to increase self-understanding and to make functional changes that support engagement and well-being.

Key Features: presents neuroscience of sensory modulation in a manner that is comprehensible and applicable for the young reader; language that is engaging and entertaining; innovative concepts such as a “brain security team” to describe complex neural concepts.

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How to Be a Brain Executive: And Get Sensory Smart!

Written by  Kathryn Hamlin-Pacheco, M.S., OTR/L


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