“This book can be used to educate a child, and their peers, about the many positive aspects of autism.”
– Dr. Temple Grandin

I have an Autism BOOST. I am ME.
There are so many things that make me, me. There are so many things that make you, you.
But one thing I have, that you may not, is an autism BOOST. Come on and I’ll tell you all about it!

There are many books that describe how kids with autism are different and explain the challenges they face. Here’s one special picture book that focuses on what is awesome about autism. This book celebrates all that is special about each individual and explains the benefits of each extra potential autism boost. Other resources will talk about the challenges that come with ASD; here is a book for kids that celebrates the honesty, creativity, integrity, and brilliant logic that the autism boost brings.

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I have an Autism Boost Hardcover

by Jennifer Gilpin Yacio (Author), Lynda Farrington Wilson (Illustrator), Temple Grandin (Introduction)


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