Inclusive Programming for Elementary Students with Autism: A Manual for Teachers and Parents


This second edition of this award-winning book provides instructional resources and strategies for both teachers and parents of elementary students with autism. Appropriate social and communicative behavior is a fundamental concern for parents, caregivers, and teachers of school children.

Children should be able to move in a safe and socially successful manner through their school years despite changing family culture, their activity level or degree of insight into the consequences of their behavior. One would also hope that they develop a positive character and good values about human rights and social responsibility along the way. The most important long-term goal, however, is that they grow into content, kind, and successful fellow human beings.

This book illustrates more than 120 goals for developing positive personality features, adequate social behavior and communicative competence. Ideas for long- and short-term goals have been selected from existing school programs, general education of values, as well as from parents and teachers.

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