Medikidz Explain Autism (What’s Up with Ben)

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What’s Up With Ben: Medikidz Explain Autism

Author(s): Medikidz

An engaging, informative graphic novel that explains Autism in children. Autism is a lifelong disorder that affects at least 1 in 1000 people. It affects more boys than girls (approximately 4 boys for every 1 girl). Even after diagnosis, siblings of autistic children can often find it confusing and difficult to understand their brothers’ or sisters’ behavior.
With this in mind, Dr. Kim Chilman-Blair and Dr. Kate Hersov teamed up with a former Marvel graphic novel artist to create a series of comic books. Each comic is written by doctors and peer-reviewed by leading specialists in each respective therapy area. Medikidz is a resource designed to educate not only young patients, peers and their parents, but also to aid practitioners and educators in explaining health conditions as effectively as possible.
The books follow a team of five larger than life superheroes from outer space. The Medikidz each specialize in explaining a different part of the body. What’s up with Ben? is an engaging way to educate children about autism.


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