Relating While Autistic: Fixed Signals for Neurodivergent Couples


Are you in a neurodivergent (ND) relationship? One thing ND couples have in common is a tendency to get their signals mixed up. You want to communicate clearly, but miss the mark time and time again. How can you turn mixed signals into fixed signals? You’ll find answers in Relating while Autistic: Fixed Signals for Neurodivergent Couples.

Nowhere is communication more important than in a marriage or committed relationship. You may be in a ND relationship, wondering why it seems so hard to communicate with the one you love. Maybe you’re not in a relationship yet, and you know you need some solid communication skills in place before you find the right one so you can make it work. This book is for you.

Relating while Autistic offers practical tips, evidence-based strategies, and the keys couples need to unlock their best relationship. It’s built on the science of human behavior, relationship research, and what the author has learned from her own twenty seven years in love in a brilliant and enduring ND marriage.

Through “Red Lights/Green Lights” you’ll learn effective communication strategies as well as what to avoid. The “What Shall We Talk About?” section has conversation starters for Family Meetings that open the gates to discussions about what’s important to the two of you. “Date Night Themes” offer creative ideas to refresh and revive your relationship.

Another way you’ll learn to turn mixed signals into fixed signals is through the stories of four fictional couples. Each chapter also includes “They Say,” stories shared by actual ND couples about what has worked in their relationships.

This much needed resource is a delightful “how-to” relationship guide for autistic individuals and those who love them.

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Relating While Autistic: Fixed Signals for Neurodivergent Couples 

by Dr. Wendela Whitcomb Marsh


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