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A person’s behavior is like a clue in a mystery story. It reveals and it conceals. It leads and it misleads. It speaks a variety of messages and serves a variety of purposes. It is affected by the situations in which it occurs, by the response that it receives, and by the depth of the need that it conveys. It is as complex as the person who uses it, and who is, too often, defined by it.

This can be especially true for someone with special needs, who might not always be able to tell us what’s wrong, what they need, or how to help.

The process that you have before you is a team discussion tool for the development of respectful and successful behavioral strategies for individuals with special needs and those who support them. It is parent-friendly, teacher-useful, non-technical, jargon-free, and respectful of the thoughts and feelings of everyone involved. It is the result of more than 30 years of experience with literally thousands of students and their teams.

The Social Learning Profile is useful for families, teachers, paraprofessionals, social workers, behavioral specialists, psychologists, advocates, day programs, group home personnel, and anyone who is searching for a values-based, person-centered approach to assessing and addressing complex behavioral issues for persons with special needs.

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Social Learning Profile: A Team Discussion Tool For the Development of Respectful and Successful Behavioral Plans for Individuals with Special Needs and Those Who Support Them

Written by Jeff Jacobs, Greg Cardelli, Doug Boeckmann


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