The Out of Sync Family: A Story About Sensory Differences


The Out of Sync Family (formerly titled, The Goodenoughs Get In Sync) is a delightfully illustrated chapter book geared for ages 8 to 12 and tells the tale of five family members and their naughty dog (each with a different sensory processing challenge), and how they got in sync after a tough day. Each family member explains what they do to function successfully and how readers, too, can enjoy sensory-motor activities at home or school.

The unique book design puts the basic story line in large print for younger children to read or hear. Explanations of sensory processing issues are woven throughout the story in regular size type for more proficient readers to study. Readers will appreciate descriptions and illustrations of the activities.

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The Out-of-Sync Family: A Story about Sensory Differences

by Carol Stock Kranowitz



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