What Really Works for Children with Autism


Coming August 20, 2024!

What Really Works for Children with Autism aims to be a guide for anyone who has a child with autism, as well as for educators and caregivers. Many difficulties for these children arise due to a lack of knowledge about exactly what autism is and what its consequences are. This book provides detailed information about these issues, including:

  • What the 10 most important needs of autistic children are.
  • Understanding their sometimes unexpected or difficult behavior.
  • How to support them as a parent, teacher, caregiver, or therapist.

When you get to know the specific characteristics, abilities, challenges and needs of a child with autism better, you will see their behavior in a different light. Knowing how their brain works and what their real needs are will give you a deeper understanding of why things can be difficult for them and you. What Really Works for Children with Autism also helps you to develop strategies that will create positive moments at home or in the classroom, so that autistic children can develop meaningful relationships with the important people in their lives.

As mentioned, the authors note that autistic children have ten major needs:

  1.  Being understood
  2.  Clarity
  3.  Predictability
  4.  Autonomy
  5.  Connection
  6.  Good agreements and rules
  7.  Positive self-esteem
  8.  Contentment
  9.  Meaning
  10. Encouragement



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What Really Works for Children with Autism

Written by Peter Vermeulen & Kobe Vanroy


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